Airmax Services | March 2024
CHALLENGE: has been owned by an AC company in Miami. Not Nike. But after 30 years, the owners were ready to sell it and approached me to help them (with a $2K budget for the whole project)

CONCEPT: Sell as The Most Exclusive Airmax Drop Ever on Nike’s Air Max day. We decided to sell to the highest bidder. And we’re still accepting bids (;
RESPONSIBILITIES: Creative Concept Development, Creative & Art Direction, Design, Web Design Copywriting, Animation, Execution of all print, digital, email, and social assets, Social Media Management, Guerilla Marketing, Pretty Much Everything (this was executed by a 2 person team, including myself).
MORE INFO: With only a $2K budget for EVERYTHING (asset licensing, media, production) we created and executed everything ourselves. We wheatpasted in Soho, LES, and Williamsburg, put up flyers and stickers. I managed the social media pages, did PR outreach and created every single asset for the visual identity of this campaign.
Special thank you to Matthew Owen, who was responsible for the custom site and was my partner in ideation, wheat-pasting, sticker and flyer-ing and so much more. 

And another big thank you to Greg Ward for copywriting work.